Why Us

Investing our own capital together with yours we only grow when your capital grows. The only income we receive comes from profits since we don’t charge the management fee. Receiving only “success fee” we share motivation and goals with each of our clients. And this is the main factor in investment manager choice. Besides, we invest half of our profit back to the fund because we unconditionally believe in what we do.

Maksim Koretskiy

CEO Blackshield Capital,
Investment Director

Unique system

We gather investment ideas and analytics from real professionals in different fields of the world economy. It helps us to deeply understand the business of the companies we invest in. Our analysts filter out and polish investment ideas with our unique system of analytics.

Responsible investment

We strive to share something bigger than just financial interests with the businesses we invest in. If we don’t like or understand the business model of the company, if we don’t share its’ values or ethical code, we won’t invest in this business however profitable these investments can be. Today we don’t invest in alcohol, tobacco or legal drugs producers. Building business today we feel responsible for the world of tomorrow.

We keep an ear to the ground

Constant monitoring of niche technological markets enables us to keep an ear to the ground. To reach this goal we collaborate with SingularityU Kyiv – official representative of Singularity University in Ukraine, global community that uses exponential technologies to tackle the world’s biggest challenges.

Our Team

Blackshield team members are connected with a wide range of activities, far beyond the world of banking and investments.

Serhiy Zhuykov Managing Director
Roman Ivaniuk Managing Partner
Pavlo Yesaulenko Head of Represantative Office
Oksana Baharova General Director
Ruslan Romanchuk Managing Partner
Evgeny Degtyar Business Analyst


We’re not just looking for employees.
We look for team members, responsibility takers,
decision makers, natural born innovators, thirsty learners, curious minds.

The ones who won’t ask for instructions, but will search for opportunities.

If all this sounds like you, let’s talk!

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