Our approach & strategy

We believe there’s only one way to achieve maximum possible income with minimal risks for us and our clients, and it is an in-depth and complex understanding of the business we invest in. That’s why we know everything about our portfolio companies.

Literally everything. Their business models, long- and short-term perspectives, accounting, financial indicators, innovations, R&D, PR, HR. We know what’s on the news today about those companies, what inspires their top-managers and how do their competitors feel.

This in-depth analysis is our main advantage and to see the full picture, we combine approach of practical and theoretical professionals. Top managers and owners representing the fields of economy we invest in, give us deep understanding of business while analysts filter out and polish investment ideas with our unique system of analytics which we constantly upgrade.

Such a meticulous approach is only possible with minimal allowable diversification. We don’t believe that management of a portfolio containing a stock of more than 20-30 companies might make a profit that exceeds the average market performance. Since it’s impossible to deeply understand a wider amount of businesses. And thoughtless investments in assets you don’t fully understand, dictated by trends, are risky. Whether it’s real estate, company stock, bonds or currencies. For investors who want wide diversification, we recommend index funds and fund of funds with minimal management fees.


Innovations & technologies

Including exponential innovative and technology companies with a high quarterly and annual growth to our investment portfolio, we expect to increase the portfolio value by 2 times in 3-5 years.

These companies can already be evaluated by the market but still have a high growth potential.



We acquire shares of large undervalued dividend companies that have a low price due to the factors that do not affect the attractiveness of the business. Using portfolio of stocks as collateral for loan, you can borrow up to 70-75% of its value at 1.5-2% per year.

Profit at risks

In special situations we expect to receive maximum profit at perceived risks, using Long-Term Equity Anticipation Securities. We get the possibility of buying or selling securities at a predetermined price, and if the price is not profitable, the transaction can be canceled.


Public & Private Markets synergy in our AMC offering

We offer innovative tailor-made
Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs)
for the clients willing to take advantage of investment opportunities
in public and private tech companies at the same time.

AMC products


We’re not just looking for employees.
We look for team members, responsibility takers,
decision makers, natural born innovators, thirsty learners, curious minds.

The ones who won’t ask for instructions, but will search for opportunities.

If all this sounds like you, let’s talk!

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